There’s not much to say here except that the Samsung’s expected Galaxy S6 has posed for the camera again in a variety of cases, including a ruggedised case shown above. We can’t see too much of the phone, obviously, but we can see the spot for the new heartrate sensor on the Galaxy S6, and the camera flash adjacent to the camera lens.

Beyond that, there’s not much to see here. We wait anxiously for MWC in a couple of weeks to get a proper look at the Samsung Galaxy S6.gsmarena_002


Source: GSMArena.
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Alex Gerontzos

This may not be the final look of the phone. Look at what HTC have been doing with the m9 using an m8 body as a mule device, I’m sure Samsung would be doing the same thing here. I reserve judgment till MWC.


*sigh* seems like Samsung, HTC and Sony is keeping with the same old designs, was hoping for something new from them. Perhaps this is the time I should try out a new OS


Looks like it’s got that dimple back that the S5 had…..because consumers and critics alike were raving about how good that was on the S5 last year….

Gun to my head, I couldn’t tell apart the S3, S4, S5 or S6.

Screw Samsung. If the HTC phone looks like it does in that evleaks picture, I’m getting that.


Back button still on the right, so I am still not buying a Samsung. Hello HTC…


Because it’s the most used button I hit with the left small finger from the back while holding the phone with a stable grip. That’s the key thing I miss on other phones – & the replaceable back cover. Keep it Samsung.

HTC was my favourite, but since non removable batt. – not practical.


if this is correct I can tell you now, I will not be getting S6. I have an S5 and a Note 4. When will Samsung realise they need to update the looks of the phone.