Friday , October 20 2017

Update: Sony confirms a press conference at MWC; rumour sites have it wrong.

Sony-MWC-2013While we’ve heard a lot about what will be happening at MWC 2015, what we’re starting to hear now is about what might not be happening. We’ve seen press invites from HTC and Samsung, and there have been leaks galore about rumoured updates to the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S lines. Sony, however, has been fairly quiet in all of this, and there haven’t been many Xperia Z4 leaks.

Rumour has it that Sony might not actually be launching the Xperia Z4 (or anything much ) at MWC this year, with suggestions afoot that Sony might be eschewing the traditional MWC press conference entirely. This rumour has gained a bit of traction, with reputable sites like GSM Arena, Android Headlines and even Xperia Blog reporting the speculation.

At Ausdroid, we even bought in on this rumour in a previous version of the story. However, from what we’ve seen, Sony will be holding a press conference of some description at MWC. What they’re announcing, and whether it will be a big flashy press conference or a smaller affair, we don’t know, but they’ll be having a conference about something, and that’s good enough for us.

We’ll let you know on the 3rd of March, once the rumoured conference is done.


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Needing an Upgrade
Valued Guest
Needing an Upgrade

I sure hope you are right. Would love to update my Samsung Galaxy III. It’s last leg and I would like to give Sony my money for the Z4. Let’s hope it also comes to the US market and let’s hope the Z4 can get Sony out of the red.


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