Hey everyone,

We’ve had a bit of a secret and now it’s time to let you in. Daniel will be off to MWC 2015 in Barcelona in just under two weeks, to cover all the big news from HTC, Samsung, Sony, and whoever else throws together a press conference. We floated the idea of crowdfunding this a little while back, and while we had an overwhelmingly positive response (thank you everyone!), we decided not to continue down that path. Firstly, we have always provided Ausdroid as a free service to the Australian community, and we didn’t want to start a precedent where we might be tempted in future to ask our readers to pay for things. Secondly, we looked at where the benefit lies in having Ausdroid attend MWC, and while some of that benefit goes to our readers, and some to whoever gets to go, a large amount of that benefit rests with the companies whose products we will be talking about.

With that in mind, we have secured a trip to MWC for Daniel. He’ll be there to cover the trade show live, from the pre-show conferences, through to a walk around the show floor in the following days to see what he can see. We’re not at liberty to publicly thank anyone for this just yet (though we’ll acknowledge them properly in due course), but we wanted to let you know at the earliest opportunity that we’d actually be going.

So, like the rest of us who aren’t going, you can join me and Jason in anxiously waiting for the next ten days or so until Dan hits the ground in Spain, and then it’ll be burning the candle at both ends to get all the news edited and published for your enjoyment.


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    Brandon Jury

    I can’t wait to see Daniel’s coverage of MWC! Save travels 🙂

    David Watt

    This trip is useless without HTC M9 pics and specs 😀

    Sujay Vilash

    Brilliant. News from someone whose opinions I respect rather than just another journalist.

    James Finnigan

    This is awesome! Congratulations guys 🙂


    It’s a shame I couldn’t get approval from work to go along this year. Enjoy, Dan!


    Start now to try to get approval for next year.

    Yianni soc

    So Awesome! Can’t wait to get all my MWC news from Ausdroid!


    That’s great. Can’t wait to here the news from an Aussie perspective


    Yay this is awesome. 🙂


    Splendid. Safe travels Dan.


    Great news, don’t eat all of the churros!


    Awesome stuff. Glad it happened. Congrats to Dan and the team


    Wow, congratulations Ausdroid (and especially Daniel) for securing a trip to MWC. Will be good to get some Ausdroid hands-on at the biggest phone event of the year. I would have happily donated if that crowd funding thing went through. Question though – will Daniel have access to the actual conferences themselves? Irrespective, I think that’s great for him to attend. See if he can snag some interviews with the reps at HTC/Samsung/LG/Sony etc. Also would be nice if along with posting news articles, he makes a post, summarising his thoughts about what device(s) impressed him the most there. Exciting… Read more »


    Hey Andrew, the short and is yes, Daniel will be attending the major launches and conferences as well as the show itself.


    This is great news. I hope we have a live from Barcelona podcast 🙂 Now lets set our sites on I/O next.


    Great to hear that Ausdroid could get to attend MWC.
    Hope this raises Ausdroid’s profile on the map, high enough so Ausdroid gets invited to Google I/O.



    Ben Booth

    Awesome news, I was conflicted by the idea of you guys crowdfunding part of the cost of this, so I’m glad you found an alternate way to pay the way. Looking forward to Ausdroid’s coverage of MWC 2015!


    Reading between the lines: this sounds like Ausdroid will be attending as an ‘all-expenses paid’ guest of a vendor such as Samsung, HTC or LG, just like the mainstream media do. Well done – about time the big brands recognised the value and influence of Ausdroid! (PS Just be sure to include the ‘Ausdroid is attending MWC 2015 as a guest of XYZ’ declaration at the bottom of all your MWC15 articles, for the sake of transparency and so nobody can have a whinge).

    Jamie Saltmarsh

    That’s awesome, well done guys!