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Nexus Wireless Charger Not Available
After launching on Google Play in Australia just over a year ago, the Nexus Wireless Charger is now no longer available on Google Play in Australia, with the product page now showing availability as ‘Nexus Wireless Charger is not available in your country’.

The removal is possibly due to the current lack of availability of the Nexus 5 through Google Play, and perceived lack of easy support for the Nexus 6. The charger does officially support the Nexus 6, albeit with some fairly specific instructions on how to position it to begin charging, with owners instructed to position the charger :

2.5 inches (64mm) from the bottom of the device so that the “u” in the “Nexus” logo is centered over the charger

The Nexus 5 was more suited to the Nexus Wireless Charger with its flat rear and in-built magnets which allowed for easy positioning on the charging pad. The Nexus 6 with its curved rear hasn’t seen as much success from owners of the charger, with some saying that the positioning magnets are either not there or ineffective.

If you still just can’t live without the Nexus Wireless Charger, it can still be purchased from Amazon, though at US$49.99 + delivery, it’s an expensive option to take for a Qi charger.

There’s no real clear answer on the magnets in the rear of the Nexus 6, though the phone does support Qi charging, so if you own the Nexus 6 and the Nexus Wireless Charger, feel free to chime in below with your experience.

Source: Google PlayGoogle Support.
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    So if this is not a charger to have on the qi charger wish list for the nexus 6 what is??


    I received today the Qi charger from Kogan for $19 with free delivery. The offer is still on. Works fine with my N5 and N7, trying it out on the N6 tomorrow. The Kogan charger is a lot larger than the official Google Nexus charger (which I have as well), balancing the N7 on the small Nexus charger was challenging!


    Thanks for update. Might wait for turbo charger and use at work.


    Another reason to skip the 6 and see what happens with the 7.

    Giannis Thalassinos

    So I have the charger and used it with my Nexus 4, magnets held it perfectly in place. With my Nexus 6 however I do struggle at times to get it in the right position to charge. The magnets, although there, are noticeably weak to the point where you couldn’t be blamed for thinking they weren’t at all. The Nexus 6 also loves to spin on it since the back is so slippery (I have the midnight blue model).

    vijay alapati

    does nexus 4 have magnets at back?

    Giannis Thalassinos

    Yeah it does. They’re strong enough to lift the charger if it’s not stuck to the surface.

    vijay alapati

    i really regret for not getting one 🙁
    me and my wife own a nexus 5 and 4 till last month, it would have been a great use, when purchased a 3rd party Qi plate, nexus 4 was always sliding due to glass back.
    Any ways, she got a note 4 and i’m looking to get S6 Edge ( i know i sound crazy to move away from nexus….but i’m really looking for a good camera in android)

    Giannis Thalassinos

    Yeah that’s fair, Nexus phones don’t have the strongest cameras, the Nexus 6 is a good improvement but it still gets outclassed by some other phones. Though I’d probably wait and see what Sony does next, I imagine the next Xperia Z will have a fantastic camera.

    Alexander Chu

    If I really wanted to buy a device for it’s photographic capabilities, I wouldn’t even look in the direction of cellphones. Cellphones today have 3 categories to be judged on: Processor speed, size of screen, and operating system

    I own the LG Nexus 5 and I have no complaints. When I feel like bitching about my cellphones photos, I think to myself, “ahh… I do have a Canon 5D Mark2 & a Nikon D300. Why am I shooting with my celly and being so critical?”