With the release of Android 5.0, Google separated the WebView component of their browser out into an easily updateable component. Google has today announced that from today, they have launched a new Beta channel, which will allow developers to test out the latest version of WebView, as well as provide feedback.

WebView updates bring numerous bug fixes, new web platform APIs and updates from Chromium. If you’re making use of the WebView in your app, becoming a beta channel tester will give you an early start with new APIs as well as the chance to test your app before the WebView rolls out to your users.

Google has advised that the Beta channel will be offered with Chrome version 40, with a list of features available in Chrome 40 available here. If you’re a developer and interested in testing out WebView, you can join the Google+ community here and report bugs on the Chromium Issue tracker here.

Source: Android-Developers.