After a long wait, and a tease the other day, the developer of the Xposed Framework has finally announced Xposed is ready to download for Lollipop users.

As usual, you’ll need to be rooted to install the release, which is available as an Alpha only at this stage. As the developer notes :

Note that this is still an alpha version and for Lollipop on ARMv7+ devices only. Please install it only if you’re willing to take the risk of boot loops. Just because it’s working fine and stable for me doesn’t mean it will work for everyone the same way.

So it’s definitely possible that you can expect bugs…lots of bugs, so download and run only at your own risk. The developer has tested out Xposed on his Nexus 5 on CM12 and his Nexus 9 and everything seems fine, but still, it could have issues on other devices.

You will have to install the Xposed Framework for Lollipop using a custom recovery, a slight departure from the usual base install of a simple APK.

The good news for those who have written modules for Xposed, they won’t need to be re-written, with the developer advising that the Xposed API remains unchanged and modules will act the same whether running on Dalvik or ART.

Head on over to the XDA thread to download the relevant files, or head over to the Q&A to read up on it further.

Source: XDA-Developers.
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    Peter Massey


    Greenify is so much better with Xposed.

    vijay alapati

    Not working, installed the zip twice, still says installation possible only via recovery. Nexus 5 stock 5.0

    vijay alapati

    Awesome, downloading now