Google Search
Between the 13th of February until the 29th of March, Australia and New Zealand will host 49 matches played between 14 teams for the ICC Cricket World Cup. That’s a lot of data, and we all know Google loves data. You can of course install the official ICC Cricket World Cup app, or you can just run a Google search for ‘cricket world cup 2015’ and have Google summarise each days play for you.

There unfortunately isn’t a specific Cricket World Cup Google Now card like we saw for the Soccer World Cup (perhaps next time), but you can see a pretty decent summary, with live updates, on either desktop or mobile.

If you’re a mad keen cricket fan though, you will of course have a Google Now card for your favourite Cricket team already. If not, open Google Now and select the menu icon next to Google > Customize > Sports > Add a team and search for ‘cricket’, then all the available cricket teams should appear.

Good luck to your team, and let’s all enjoy the next month and a half of cricket.