Last month Sony announced the Stainless Steel band for the Sony SmartWatch 3 at CES and we are expecting the band to be available this week. Sony originally launched the SmartWatch 3 (SW3) with silicon bands and a removable main watch unit. Sony also announced a “holder” kit for the SW3 where any 24mm standard watch band will fit be compatible with the watch kit. The holder kit will be available “in the coming weeks”.

We think the Stainless Steel adds a little something to make the SW3 a little bit more suave than silicon valley, or more suit than sneakers.

Are you going to get a Sony SmartWatch 3? Do you already have one and want the new bands? We’ll keep you posted on where you can purchase it when we find it available. smartwatch-3-swr50-live-in-style-1-55612c947c2030bc3c84dfec1f6fa43d-940

SmartWatch-3-SWR50-gallery-04-1240x840-22e4b51225729eaf9b7e6a62057ac304 SmartWatch-3-SWR50-gallery-03-1240x840-291114de3dda238d435f5d986726cf37


Source: Sony Mobile.
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Gibki Bongo

I tried to look over the internet and I can only see a watch together with the steel band available. The band alone is nowhere to be seen.

Marné Prinsloo

I’ll be looking over the next few days. I’ll try to post on here if i find it!


If the band is available on its own, I will 100% purchase it.

Marné Prinsloo

Same here!!


I’ve got a Pebble Steal which has been working well but I’m interested in the SW3, my main problem though is how water resistant is it, you read that its IP68 rated but in a watch that doesn’t mean much. I go swimming all the time both at the beach and in pools with my Pebble and I never have an issue as its rated to 5ATM (50M?), which is more than enough for me as I don’t dive down past about 3-4 metres when snorkelling anyway. Can the SW3 handle a few metres of water or is it like… Read more »

Marné Prinsloo

From what i’ve read it’s waterproof to the regular 1m for 30.


I will definitely be getting the steel band when it is out.