It used to be that if you travelled the world and wanted to remain connected, you had three choices. Pay exorbitant roaming fees, carry a collection of SIM cards with you, or be a slave to cafe wireless hot spots. Vodafone Red Roaming made a big difference to that when it launched, but there is another option out there in the form of Global Gig.

Global Gig have had fairly reasonable pricing for a while now, but like most roaming services, 4G wasn’t an option, making the service fairly unappealing when used at home in Australia. However, 4G is now an option, and the pricing isn’t too bad; starting at $5 for just 250 mb, through to $50 for 10GB per month. When you leave Australia, that pricing changes to 10c per meg in 22 countries (including UK, US, and a lot of continental Europe), and 22c per meg in a further 17 countries.

The changes don’t just include 4G at home though. There are new roaming packs available to users — for visitors to the US and UK, there’s a plan which gives you 5GB of data for $50, and for true world travellers, there’s the Go Global option which gives you that 5GB of data to use in any supported country for $170. It isn’t cheap, until you consider how much it’d cost you to use that much data with your own SIM card from home … then Global Gig starts to look very, very appealing.

If you’re the travelling type, you might want to check Global Gig out and see what the fuss is about.

Source: GlobalGig.
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Piers Porter

FWIW, looks like they use Optus 4G here.


Everytime I go OS I just get a pre paid in the country, cheaper and more reliable.

Darren Ferguson

I know a guy who snagged an unlimited data deal that worked with most of these countries. About $100 a month. Got it in the states and it’s not available anymore. Lucky guy!


You should mention it is limited to Europe, parts of North America and Australia.
In Asia, only a couple of countries are available and you have to pay extra on top of the plan, being $300/GB. Yeh not so cheap now.


$300/GB? WOW makes telstra looks cheap now!!