Google+ Face Paint Background Image
Along with the aggregated Cricket World Cup results from searches that Google has produced for the ICC Cricket World Cup, Google is also adding a sweet new Auto-Awesome feature for photo uploads to Google+: adding flag themed face paint.

The new Auto-Awesome feature lets you show your team colours by uploading a picture with up to five people in it to Google+. Adding the appropriate hashtag: #PaintAustralia, #PaintIndia, #PaintSriLanka etc. will then automatically paint your face with the countries flag. Upload with the hashtag, refresh and the facepaint is automatically added.

You can then choose to share your Auto-Awesomed photo with the rest of the world, by adding the hashtag #CWC15Fans and making the photo public. You can see all the photos that have been shared over on It’s also possible that your photo will be shown on the ICC Official Website.