In the lead up to MWC 2015, HTC’s latest flagship phone has definitely been one of the worst kept secrets in the industry. In the latest news, HTC have themselves contributed to the rumour mill, with blog TechTastic noticing that HTC have made several references to the HTC One M9 in the source code for their website, as shown below:


We had pretty much taken the name (HTC One M9) as a given, as a natural extension of the One (M7) and One (M8) names adopted in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Seeing it somewhat confirmed on an official HTC website is icing on the cake.

Wrapping up the HTC rumours, we’re anticipating the One M9 will feature a 5″ display with 20.7-megapixel rear camera, 13-megapixel front camera, a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and a sizeable 2,840 mAh battery.

HTC is widely expected to unveil the HTC One M9 in two weeks on 1 March at MWC 2015 in Barcelona. We’ll have Daniel Tyson on the ground to report the news as soon as its out.

Source: TechTastic.
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HTC is finally gonna get the camera right just in time for Qualcomm to let them down. *sigh*


What do you mean just in time for Qualcomm to let them down?

Anyway, exciting times need ahead. The One M9 is my most anticipated handset of the year. That evleaks render looked gorgeous.


Admittedly I might be jumping the gun a bit but there are reports coming out that the Snapdragon 810 suffers from overheating issues. It’s rumoured that Samsung has chosen to overlook Qualcomm’s S810 for the GS6 in favour of its own Exynos chip. I’ve also seen comments from Android Police Senior Editor, David Ruddock suggesting that the S810 “categorically throttles like a son of a bitch”. That said, LG and Sony seem to be going ahead with their plans to use the S810 on their upcoming flagships. And if the above article is correct, so is HTC. Fingers crossed there… Read more »


Samsung could just be saying that to push their own processor. We don’t really know.

And I’m sure HTC/LG etc have their own testing processes, so if the Snapdragon 810 passes those tests, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.


I’ve no doubt Samsung could be trying to spruik its own processor, but it’s the fact that David Ruddock from Android Police (it’s believed he was testing an LG G Flex 2) had issues that really concerns me.

Anyway. We’ll wait and see.