Friday , October 20 2017

You can disable or enable sounds on Facebook’s Android app

facebook1_1If you’ve used Facebook recently, you’ve probably noticed a rather annoying new addition included in a recent update — the Facebook app for Android makes a whole lot of weird noises when you interact with its user interface elements. If you haven’t, open the app now and have a listen, chances are they’re there, unless you’ve turned them off.

The good news is, you can turn those annoying sounds off and have Facebook behave the way it should; being nice and quiet when you’re trying to browse discretely. The process is simple:

Obviously, you follow the same process if you want to enable the sounds (if for some reason you want them back). You can, if you wish, chance the notification sound as well. Instead of opening App Settings (in step 2), scroll a little further to ‘Notification ringtone’, and select a more pleasing tone, and bingo, you’re done!

Have you tried the new Facebook update, and do the sounds annoy you as much as they do us?


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