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Pushbullet have released a new update which allows users to reply to WhatsApp, Hangouts and a number of other messaging apps via a desktop computer, instead of having to pull your phone out of your pocket. Pushbullet has already made syncing notifications from your phone to your computer easy, but now the ability to reply to messages makes it even more powerful.

At present, Pushbullet supports replying to messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Line. They’ve asked for feedback on what other messenger apps people want added to the list, so if there’s something you’d like to see on that list as well, be sure to let Pushbullet know your feedback.

You’ll know whether the reply functionality is available as it will show in the notification on your computer (as you can see above). For Hangouts, there’s an extra step (which involves having the Android Wear app installed), but to be honest, I’m not sure why you’d use Pushbullet to reply to Hangouts when you could just use the Hangouts extension on your computer and access your Hangouts conversations natively.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Pushbullet - SMS on PC and more
Pushbullet - SMS on PC and more
Source: Pushbullet Blog.

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Hey Chris, I’ve never been able to find a definitive answer on this, hoping you can help. When you use the Hangouts app on an Android Phone for SMS, do they SMS messages appear in Hangouts on a PC? Cheers!

Ausdroid Reader

Now this app appeals to me!

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