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Samsung, as has been their tradition for the past few years, has been steadily building hype for the release of the next Samsung Galaxy flagship. They’ve addressed the camera in their first series of teasers, but now it seems like they’re moving on to power for the next round, and from some of the associated releases, that could include wireless charging.

Samsung has been including wireless charging options for their Galaxy phones for a few generations now, albeit through the addition of an after-market accessory. Samsung has produced a press release talking about wireless charging, and it’s from this that the conclusion can be drawn that the Galaxy S6 could be the first flagship to include wireless charging as a native feature.

The release speaks about the various wireless charging standard of which there are currently three. The standards are the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), who produce the fairly well known Qi wireless charging standard, the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). The last two, the PMA and the A4WP will be merging, however that still leaves two standards. Samsung last year developed a new chip which supports all these standards and has hinted that this could be in products this year, alluding perhaps to the Galaxy S6 :

Last year, components that support multiple standards on a single chip were released. Given that it usually takes around 6 to12 months to integrate new components and put them on the market, it is expected that several of these products will be available to consumers this year.

But that’s not the only hint, Samsung also spoke about the speed at which wireless charging works, noting that :

Two or three years ago, wireless charging was only twenty to thirty percent as fast as wired charging. But since then, we have been able to double the charging speed.

Which leads on to their latest social media teases which speaks of ‘See how I give more time to others’ in this video :

It’s all slightly tenuous in terms of actual links to the launch of the Galaxy S6, but timing wise it seems right. We’ll know more about what the new Galaxy S6 has inside when we check out the Samsung Unpacked launch in Barcelona next month.

Do you think the Galaxy S6 will include wireless charging?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow, and @SamsungMobile.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Rob Pennefather
Ausdroid Reader

Hang on. A more premium metal unibody. Touchwiz vastly toned down. Wireless charging.

Is this the real Samsung? Is this just fantasy?

Might be my next.

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