Last week, we noted that Motorola was soon to start shipping the Turbo Chargers for early Nexus 6 buyers who were surprised to not find one in their boxes. The good news for our readers is that Motorola has kept its promise, and those chargers are now shipping.

Ausdroid reader (and boss over at Ventra IP) Angelo Giuffrida has let us know that his Turbo Charger has arrived today. While there wasn’t any pre-warning from Motorola that the charger had shipped, Angelo said that his arrived in the mail completely by surprise, but it’s there, and it works great.

So, for other Nexus 6 customers who’re anxiously awaiting their Turbo Chargers from Motorola, the wait is almost over. If you haven’t arranged for yours to be sent out just yet, here’s how to do it:

To redeem your charger, you’ll need to either call Motorola on 1300138823 or head to and go to Support > Contact Us and send an email to customer service or chat with an online service rep. You’ll need your IMEI number (on your box, or go to Settings > About > Status) and you’ll be asked to email them a copy of your receipt to Motorola.

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Dennis Bareis

Still haven’t got mine 🙁 I could have strapped one to a snail and it would have got here by now…

Dennis Bareis

Still haven’t got mine 🙁


Mine arrived yesterday (Canberra)

Lincoln Mah

Are you able to purchase it in store? Like without a Nexus 6. Whatever happened to the HTC Rapidcharger?


Hey guys..does anyone know how can I change my shipping address. I am no longer staying at the address which I provided earlier. Its so dumb of Motorola that they didn’t even bothered to confirm the address before shipping..:(

Daniel Tyson

I’d say give the Motorola team a call (1300138823)


As an avid reader of ausdroid, I was a tad disappointed that you ignored my tweets with photos on Monday morning notifying you that the turbo chargers had indeed shipped. I had received one at 9.45am Monday morning via auspost. You stated in a previous article to contact you guys the minute a reader received one. Meh.

Daniel Tyson

Sincere apologies for this, sometimes we just get busy and Twitter didn’t actually notify me of a reply. Once again, very sorry I missed this. Hope the charger is working out (maybe I`ll receive mine soon).


No worries Daniel. All good. We’ll all be living the turbo life soon.


Just got home from work. Noticed a package on the table. Opened it up and it was the new turbo charger. Finally!

Tim Smith

Good news! hopefully get mine sooner rather than later.

Tim Smith

Got it yesterday, life seems so much faster now!