Google’s next update for Android, leaked recently as Android 5.1 on their Android One phones could be arriving next month, at least according to HTC’s Mo Versi who has advised the date to a customer on Twitter.

While we’ve seen Android One handsets with Android 5.1, there has so far been no factory images, OTA updates or other indications that more mainstream devices like the Nexus phones and tablets will get the update, until now. In the tweet to HTC, user Jens Christiansen asked about a fix for the HTC One M7 Google Play Edition and Mo has replied that the next MR (Maintenance Release) will be due to hit in March.

Exactly what Android 5.1 will bring is anyone’s guess, although an apparently leaked changelog would bring about quite a few welcone fixes and enhancements if true. March is only a couple of weeks away, so there may not be long to wait.

Source: @moversi.
Via: DroidLife.
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    David Anderton

    Can’t come soon enough. My battery is taking a hiding and so many bugs.


    I do like 5 but there are too many problems with memory leaks and power usage. If 5.1 does not improve things I think I will move to Windows phone unless Google pulls a rabbit out of it’s hat. I ditched Android tablets because they just didn’t cut it for me and it would sad to move on from Android but unfortunately Google seems to be forcing the issue.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    You’re complaining about such trivial things. You’d honestly switch an entire operating system just because google isn’t quick enough for you?

    I have a phone on 5.0.2 and your problems are far exaggerated.


    Could be the same reason carriers have held off their updates the m8 was supposed to be updated to the optus versions to 5.0.1 but has been changed saying that there waiting for a new build this could be it.


    Im sure they are just waiting for 5.0.2 as they fixed a bunch of WiFi and Battery Drain issues.


    I would love to see bug fixes for WiFi, poor battery life, laggy performance, return of mute mode and improvements to the multitasking which is a joke