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Motorola is doing something this week involving a box. A cryptic announcement has been sent to selected news sites, advising that an announcement will be made this coming week, with a box being delivered to the sites.

The invite advises that the box will arrive on Wednesday (Feb 25th), and is strangely timed given that MWC kicks off in just over a week. The invite simply says :

Motorola is making an exciting announcement next week and wants you to be in the front row. The best part? You get to choose where and when you’d like to experience it. Everything you need fits inside one box, which we will deliver to your doorstep on Wednesday.

Motorola has been all over phones with their Moto series, as well as Android Wear, Accessories such as the Hint and various power packs and phone finders, so what could it be? We’ll find out more when the selected sites receive and open their box on Wednesday (Thursday our time).

What's In The Box

Source: 9to5Google.
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Kabe H

totally going to be some kind of VR so they can watch MWC from whereever they are 😉


after the Moto 360 and the Moto Hint I’m particularly curious


The Moto Paltrow.


Hope it’s the Moto 360 2nd gen (though might be a little early for it). I held off the first one on account of the battery life, and hoping there would be a smaller one.


“You get to choose where and when you’d like to experience it” sounds like that could indicate a new smart watch (“when”) with GPS (“where”) perhaps?


Perhaps Moto Turbo for Aussieland and Kiwiland?


Dare I say that it’s a VR headset? All the cool kids are doing it.