The Next Galaxy
March 1st will be a big day, with HTC, Sony, Huawei and of course Samsung all apparently announcing new phones at MWC. While teasers from other manufacturers are coming, Samsung is of course leading the charge and today it seems they’re talking about construction, specifically what The Next Galaxy, will be constructed of.

The latest tweets, which includes the title image above which seems to show off the Galaxy S6 in profile (and doesn’t it look nice and slim), also includes another video showing what could be various materials that the phone could be made of, or just referencing the influences in desgin.

It’s a stretch, but there’s what appears to be Glass (where the video starts), as well as a few pictures of either wind-swept material flapping about, or liquid metal. Of course the wind-swept material could just reference the natural curves they’ve included in the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge. Who knows? Samsung does, and we’ll know a lot more when they launch it on March 1st.

Source: @SamsungMobile.