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Vimeo Chromecast
Vimeo, one of the major YouTube competitors around is finally testing Chromecast support ahead of a launch to allow native Chromecast from their player.

After a year and a half since the feature was first requested, and a year since Vimeo acknowledged it, Technical Support Manager at Vimeo Tommy Penner has commented advising that he tested Chromecast support ‘today’. The comment was on the Chromecast feature request thread, in response to a customer advising they would be dumping their Vimeo premium subscription in June if Chromecast support wasn’t implemented. Penner also advised that Chromecast support would be in place before the June deadline, going so far as to advise it would be in place ‘Even sooner than then’.

Exactly when isn’t clear, and with just over three months until we hit June you could certainly list this feature release as ‘imminent’. Vimeo is a great video service and the option for Chromecast support in their player would definitely be a welcome addition.

Do you use Vimeo? Is Chromecast high on your list of features you have requested?

Source: Vimeo.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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Luke Vesty
Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

Hopefully Vimeo update their terribly dated app at the same time they roll out Chromecast support.


Yes! There are a few places that use Vimeo, and I’ve just been Chromecast-ing from Chrome, which does work, most of the time. An actual player with support would be fantastic.

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