iFixit Android Hub
If you’ve never had the need to look into repairing your Android phone or tablet, then you may in the future and when you do one of the best places to go and find guides, parts and tools to help you fix your baby is iFixit and they’re now supporting Android.

iFixit has announced that they have begun supplying guides (252 to start with) on subjects like replacing screens, batteries and they’ll be adding more. iFixit has engaged the services of technical writing students at Universities in the US to write more guides, so it’s going to grow and with more than 20,000 Android devices on the market, there’s sure to be at least a couple of customers.

iFixit makes their money from selling a range of tools – like those plastic prybars you need to replace a screen – as well as the screen and other parts inside your phone. There’s a range of parts for order now, but iFixit is working on new partnership to source more parts.

So, if your Android is acting a little funny and needs some love then head on over to iFixit Android Hub and see if there’s a bit of DIY you can perform yourself.

Source: iFixit.