Pebble’s website has been giving us a countdown for a while now and at the end of it was a big announcement. The new Pebble Time is a smartwatch by Pebble with an Colour E-Paper Display that’s always on and will give you up to a week of updates on one charge. The watch comes in 3 colours at the moment and can be backed on Kickstarter starting at $159 ($10 postage to Australia not included). Don’t wait, go to the Kickstarter page now, because in less than 20 minutes the Kickstarter page went from $0 to well over their goal of $500 000!

The new smartwatch uses a new way of interacting with your notifications. A feature Pebble believes will revolutionise the way we interact with our wearables.



Any 22mm watchband will fit too! Swapping is encouraged!


And of course there are some big names backing up the software side of things.



Ok, go, stop reading this and back the Pebble Time, as I’m writing this the campaign just passed $1 million dollars.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 01.33.58

Source: Pebble Kickstarter.
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KS backer last time and I’m currently torn between backing this or waiting on the inevitable slimmed ‘Steel’ version, or the Moto 360 gen 2. I like everything about my Pebble, but its step counting is terribly inaccurate. I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing a Jawbone or tracker/heart rate sensor on my other wrist. Plus, the bezel on the Pebble Time looks kinda ugly in 2015, when we already have the likes of the Moto 360 and soon to be joined by the Apple Watch.

Jesse Kinross-Smith

Got in on the early backers for this late last night. My original kickstarter Pebble is still being updated regularly with new functionality and I’m looking forward to the functionality added in the new one – especially the smart band possibilities! It’s already hit $7 million in funding in less than 12 hours so I see this as being one of the biggest kickstarters ever.


the colour e-ink looks nicer than I imagined. smooth animations.

just need one of the android wear phones to include this now..


Bye bye Pebble, just not good enough.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I own an Android wear myself, but I don’t think that pebble is bad at all. Give me a few solid reasons why. For starters the battery life is 10x better then mine.

Jesse Kinross-Smith

Yeah, that’s the main reason I don’t like any of the Android Wear devices – one day battery life is just not enough.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I pretty much only use mine as a fitness tracker anyway. And I rarely use it as a full fledged device. It can last me easily several days.

Jesse Kinross-Smith

I’m curious – so what are you looking for in a smartwatch then?


A better looking watch, less bezel, more screen. I have a pebble, so I know what it can do, and the advantages. However I’m saying that from the perspective of the marketplace – things have moved on and with wear and the eventual apple watch the key marketplace needs have come somewhat into focus. And one of the key things is it looks like a classy watch, not a toy. It was dumb to lead on this look, rather than metal. It was also dumb not to fix the bezel to watch ratio. I fear the market is going to… Read more »


so the kickstarter is just a glorified pre-order system now?


They did ok with the current models but to reach the volumes necessary to avoid obliteration when the apple watch makes general consumers aware of smart watches they will need significant numbers of guaranteed sales. They also have droves of satisfied kick-starter customers from the first round who will relish being an early adopter and getting a discount

Carsten Bauer

Question though, where is the charging point? Nothing on the left side like the original pebble, and could not see anything in the videos… Or wireless charging?


It looks like it’s pogo pins in a charging carrier to connector points on the back.

Look at the animated GIF on this page talking about the user replaceable watchbands. When the Pebble is turned over you can clearly see the connector points on the back.


Third time’s a charm…?

Carsten Bauer

Ah yes, sorry I was up at 2am when I saw this.. just seen it now and realised how stupid I feel lol… 4700 left…

Carsten Bauer

Only 7000 left.. I’ve got mine 🙂