Samsung Countdown
If you’ve been living in a cave, we have good news: Samsung will be announcing the Next Galaxy early next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. While not everyone can be at the launch, Samsung wants you to check out what they have to show, and have launched their streaming site for the event.

The streaming site is their YouTube channel as per usual, so you can tune in. There’s not a huge amount on the page just yet, just a countdown to the start of the event. The event kicks off at 6:30pm local time here in Spain, but if you’re up at 4:30am AEDT on Monday, then you can check it all out by watching the video below.

Source: Samsung Mobile YouTube.
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after the new york “show” event I’m never getting out of bed to watch a Samsung event again, that and I don;t care for them as a company, they cater to the masses not prosumers in my opinion.


3:30am AEST, no way I’ll be awake to see it.
Hope you’re enjoying Spain, Dan.