Xperia Z3 Purple

Sony’s late-2014 flagship – the well-regarded Xperia Z3 – now comes in a new “Soft Purple” colour in Australia, finally completing the traditional Sony black/white/purple colour triumvirate.

The new colour is now available alongside the phone’s other colour options (Silver, Green and Copper) which have been available since launch on Sony’s Australian store. It’ll set you back a not-so-soft $849, but shipping is free right now.

If you’ve been hanging for that purple Sony phone experience, it’s time to get out there and buy a new Xperia Z3! Or you could wait until next week where we’re expecting to see Sony launch an Xperia Z4 at Mobile World Congress 2015.

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C’mon Sony, time to release Lollipop for this bad boy.


It was originally scheduled for February, but was pushed back to March. If it’s late March, it would be another month away. Android 5.1 will have been released by then. 🙁