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Is Huawei Manufacturing the 2015 Nexus 7?

In the past years Google has shared around the manufacturing of the Nexus devices with nearly all major OEMs. Now with Chinese manufacturers starting to release decent high end Android phones 2015 could be the year that Google teams with a Chinese manufacturer for one of its Nexus devices.

Yesterday Gizmochina posted a rumour from a Weibo source that Google was to partner with a Chinese OEM for a Nexus device in 2015. Today the source has provided more information saying that one Nexus device in 2015 will be made by LG and the other by a Chinese manufacturer. Which company was making the phone and which the tablet is unknown at this stage, with neither LG, nor any Chinese manufacturers having much success in the tablet sector of the market so far.

With LG seeming to specialise in making high-end phones in the past couple of years that could leave the door open for the Chinese manufacturer to reach out to the Western markets with a Nexus tablet, possibly and hopefully of the 7 inch variety. Google have previously said they look to the OEM building the most exciting hardware at the time to choose the next manufacturer in the Nexus program and this could tie-in with Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7 which featured quite a decent finger print sensor, which Google is known to be interested in, after code and the physical sensor for biometric security was removed from Android source code for the Nexus 6.

Another piece of the puzzle that lends the rumour of the Chinese manufacturer being Huawei is that the leak also said that the chip in the Nexus device is unknown at this stage, not knowing whether a Qualcomm Snapdragon will be used or an inhouse processor of the Chinese OEM. Huawei are the only Chinese manufacturer of note that makes their own processor inhouse, the Hisilcon Kirin processor. Using this processor may not be a bad thing as Huawei could optimise the software easily themselves for the hardware as they would know it best.

While the link and the rumour are fairly tenous at best it is interesting to see Nexus rumours so early in the year. Whether this rumour turns out to be true we’ll obviously have to wait and see but I am excited to see what the Chinese manufacturers can do. I am thinking they will want to make a big splash with their first big foray into the western markets.

Anyone else like this idea of involving a Chinese manufacturer in the Nexus program? How about another LG Nexus device?

Source: GizmoChina.

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  1. I really hope this is true, for both Nexus tablets AND phones… Involving Chinese manufacturers in the creation of Nexus devices will hopefully mean cheaper (as it should be) Nexus devices. Looking forward to the next Nexus phone and tablet, my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013 are getting a bit long in the tooth!

  2. All the major OEMs? What about Sony!! :'(

    • Montalbert_Scott

      from the article: “nearly all major OEMs”
      Sony is the reason I wrote it like that. Rumour is they had their shot with the Nexus S year but bailed at the last minute. I hope they get another chance as their hardware is normally pretty good

      • Yeah my comment was about my wish for Sony to get a shot. They need the exposure too – seems to me that every manufacturer involved in making a Nexus went on to bigger and better things.

  3. I was going to purchase a N9 but have decided that 9″ tablet is not my thing. So for the time being, I am going to live with my N7’12 and hope this rumor is true. Google should never have moved away from a successful formula.

    • same here. fingers crossed for a new nexus 7

    • I love my N9 and use it far more than I ever used my N7. It’s a far superior device in my opinion.

      • Can I ask you if it is difficult to hold the 9 incher? Or the weight? I normally use my tablets in bed to read novels and am weary of the weight. From the specifications, I believe it to be a phenomenal product but I do have the two above mentioned reservations. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

        • Darren Ferguson

          I use mine to read a whole heap as well. When I read in bed I usually have it on the bed and lay on stomach, propped up on elbows, works well. When sitting, I usually do the half cross legs (ankle on knee) and prop it on my leg. I don’t hold it up a whole lot, but I did put this fairly decent case on it to survive in my work bag.

          • Thanks. Had a chat to the boss at work who is willing to subsidise the N9 so I am really confused now.

        • In normal use not difficult at all, but I usually prop it on my legs or table with an origami-style case. Obviously it’s never going to be as easy to hold as a N7 due to the larger size and weight. Holding it above your head if you were laying on your back is definitely not going to happen for long periods. I suppose it all comes down to what you use it for – and I think in your case a N7 is probably better suited.

  4. I hope so. The last 2 released Nexus devices (6 & 9) have not hit the mark like the 5 & 7 did. It bewilders me that the very best Android tablet ever released was not followed up.

  5. New Nexus 7 in July?

    And if Huawei makes it, perhaps it’ll be a reasonable price. The Nexus 7 has been a huge hit for Google, I bet an up and comer would be jumping at the chance. Huawei are fairly well known in Australia, but it would be a fantastic opportunity for them to advance their name in the US (cue spying allegations getting re-hashed in the States!)

    • I’m interested to see how their new Kirin 930 processor goes. It’s supposed to be a 16nm part – I don’t think Qualcomm or Samsung are using that process yet?

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