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Making the world a smaller place through ease of communications has been at the forefront of Australian carriers for the last 12 months. Vodafone has been leading the charge with their Red plans and today they’ve turned their attention to the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pre-paid market with a new plan tailored to give better options for customers making international calls.

There’s four recharge amounts on the Vodafone PAYG range, from $10 through to $50, with Vodafone offering to let you stay in touch with the world from as little as 1 cent per minute. All the plans include both local and international calls, Text messaging and data. The plans offer a bucket of credit to work from, with calls, TXT and data all drawn from the dollar amount recharged.
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The deals are pretty good, but Vodafone is also allowing PAYG customers to rollover any unused credit if they recharge within 30 days. There’s also a 10% bonus credit if the recharge is done via TXT or online using your credit card or PayPal.

Vodafone’s General Manger of Prepaid, Mehul Dave sees the benefits for customers, saying

Vodafone’s new PAYG recharge is a great all-round recharge that will keep up with everything you do. With one big bucket of credit, customers have greater freedom to use their credit on the activities they want.

The new PAYG plans also include better rates for customers wanting to contact Middle-Eastern countries, with a reduced ($0.23) flagfall to select countries.
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There’s a large market in Australia with companies such as Lebara taking advantage of people wanting to contact their families overseas, so this is an option for them to try out one of the larger carriers in Australia. If you’re not willing to commit to a monthly plan, which often does include decent international call rates, then these new PAYG plans are pretty good, it’s definitely worth taking a look and comparing.

Source: Vodafone.

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Daniel Tyson

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I’ve been using this plan for months. The only change is a name change from International to Pay As You Go, the casual data rate dropping, and Vodafone deciding to market it. I get by on a $10 recharge and a 500MB data pack for $5 per month. I often don’t use it all and both the credit and data roll over, which is great for if I have a busy month.

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