Huawei made their Huawei Watch official and Mobile World Congress 2015 in the early hours of Monday morning.

Another round Android Wear timepiece, the Watch has been rumoured to be coming for some time, and leaked by way of official ad placement at the airport in Barcelona, right where Mobile World Congress 2015 attendees would see it.

The standout feature for the watch is undoubtedly its stunning design. Huawei says the watch has been designed by a team of traditional watch designers with a history of creating fashionable and timeless watches. The design certainly plays to those credentials.

Huawei’s also addressed a big concern for those of us who find the Moto 360 and G Watch R’s button gets in the way – the button’s been moved up and out of the way, around the watch to about 2 o’clock. This is great for me, as I always end up hitting the button on my G Watch R.

There’ll be 3 cases for the watch, in gold, black, silver. There’s also going to be a range of options for the strap.


Also notable is the watch’s 1.4-inch circular 400×400 display, sporting a pixel density of 286ppi packed behind a sapphire crystal lens cover — and it works even if you’re wearing gloves.

On the software side, the watch is running Android Wear, and the heart rate sensor built in on the underside looks very large, and much unlike its contemporaries. With Huawei’s focus on accurate measurements of activities in their Mobile World Congress presentation, we’re hoping this is a step up.

Another enhancement in the watch is the addition of a barometer – the Watch can detect and track in real-time your activity from walking, running, or biking through to hiking or sleeping.

Huawei’s also been building their own health tracking ecosystem with the help of some new friends at Jawbone, and you can use the Watch to track everything from the number of calories burned, to heart rate, climbing height, steps taken, and distance travelled.


The bad news? There’s no pricing yet, and the watch won’t see the light of day in the market until mid-2015. The launch list incluces the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates.

We’ll expect to see more of the Huawei Watch in the coming months.

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Holy crap, i just want one, makes the moto 360 look like cheap garbage

Harold Asmis

Nobody can make anything until Apple roars through the system with their 6 million. 🙂


Even this watch makes the apple one look like an ugly dog. When the only choice for apple users is the apple watch you are pretty much screwed.


They will sell 6 million & then in 12-18 months they will come out with an ‘innovative’ new design … a ROUND watch! Probably try to patent it too.

Everybody will have to have one. They’ll sell another 6 million.


So true there and we will have 2 dozen different options to chose from all cheaper and in most cases better quality whilst the Apple faithful will crow about how Apple re-invented the watch and the couldn’t live without it and how everyone else copies Apple without realising they are but a carbon copy of all the other Apple lovers out there.

Harold Asmis

The fruit-watch is a dog, but they are going to deliver. They’ve probably tied up all the supplies of this or that.

Joshua Hill


Adrian Trimarchi

That’s what I’m after. Gps in a round faced watch. Then I’m sold