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BlackBerry has announced that BBM will be getting an update that will rollout in the next few days, which will bring customisable PINs along with Android Wear support.

The customisable PINs is something new — users who upgrade to the latest version will be able to create a 6-8 digits alphanumeric Custom PIN of their choice. To get access to this feature, though, users will have to pay about $1.99 USD through the BBM Shop.

BlackBerry has also announced that with the update, users can also purchase a no-ad subscription that will remove advertisements from the app at a cost of $0.99 USD per month.

In relation to Android Wear support, BBM users will be able to receive alerts on any Android Wear smartwatch when new BBM messages come in and be able to see the users and discreetly preview messages in their entirety. BBM users will also be able to navigate among messages and dismiss notifications with a simple swipe along with the ability to respond directly to messages hands-free with ‘Google Now’ or simply choose one from one of the few pre-defined messages.

BBM users will be able to accept BBM invites from any Android Wear smartwatch without the need to access their smartphone.

Lastly, BlackBerry has also announced that there will be the ability to share photos in group chats along with multiple BBM Channel Contributors which will enable Channel Clients owners to manage and post new content.

The update will be rolling out over the next few days, so it might be worth keeping an eye out on Google Play. Otherwise you can hit the link below to download and check out BBM for Android.

BBM - No longer available
BBM - No longer available
Developer: BBM .
Price: To be announced
Source: BlackBerry BBM Blog.
Via: Android Central.

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