+ Sunday January 26th, 2020


Google Play is celebrating its 3rd Birthday with a sale on various Apps, Music and Magazines!

The list of apps in the sale include:

  • Facetune – $0.10c
  • Racing Rivals – Free
  • Runtastic – $0.10c
  • Wunderlist – Free
  • Runstatic Sit Up Pro – $0.10c

Music albums:

  • Direct Hits by The Killers – $5.99
  • Abba Gold Greatest Hits – $5.00
  • Daft Punk Musique part 1 – $5.99
  • Blur: the best of – $5.99
  • Guns & Roses – Greatest Hits – $5.99
  • Bon Jovi Greatest Hits – $5.99
  • Grinspoon Best in Show – $5.99
  • Nirvana, Nirvana – $5.99
  • The Cruel Sea, The Most (best of) – $5.99
  • The very best of Fleetwood Mac – $5.99

Books & Magazines

  • Haunted: Book 1 – $3.69
  • Home Renovations Magazine – $1.00
  • True Fire – $9.99
  • Techlife Magazine – $1.00
  • Dolly Magazine Australia $1.00
  • Love, Lies and Louboutins – $2.69
  • Dirt Action Magazine – $3.50
  • Big Girl by Danielle Steel – $4.99
  • Poolside Magazine – $1.00
  • Until he met Meg – $2.99

So head over to Google Play to see what is available and gets some bargains whilst you can. I know I have with Abba Gold to get my Dancing Queen on for Mardi Gras this weekend thats for sure!

Source: Google Play's Third Birthday sale - https://play.google.com/store/recommended?sp=CAEIDggcCAIIAwgECAUIEAgRCAYIFAgTCBIwAFoqCiRwcm9tb3Rpb25fMzAwMTJmNV9wbGF5X2JkYXlfMjAxNV94Zm4QBxgD:S:ANO1ljLGHCc&c=apps.

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By day, Alex works within the Industrial Relations field/occupation but by night and in his spare down time he searches the net for anything and everything relating to Android and Chrome related products and news.

Other various interests Alex has include, Accessible transport for people with disabilities along with LGBTIQ and Health related fields and interests for again for people with disabilities.

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And yet, in the US there are $1 albums. Gotta love that Australia Tax.

Brad Hook
Brad Hook

That’s to do with the licencing in Australia, not a ‘tax’ implemented by Google. Google’s rights to sell music from record labels wildly differs between the different countries in the world. Blame the record companies – not Google. Same reason why iTunes US and iTunes Australia have very different prices, and the same reason why physical CD’s cost MUCH more here than in the US also.


I should’ve been more clear, I’m not accusing Google of gouging us, but the media industry in general.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I agree. It sucks.

Benjamen Meiers
Benjamen Meiers

He quite clearly didn’t blame Google. He quite obviously blames it on the ‘Australia Tax’ which appears to be the exact same that you are talking about .

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