Sundar Pichai MWC 2015
Android Pay is coming. That’s definite, with Google’s Sundar Pichai advising that they are currently working on building Android Pay into the heart of Android as a framework, so that developers can build and innovate with it.

The framework will allow businesses and people to build secure payments into their applications, which Google hopes will allow for innovation. Outside of the actual announcement there wasn’t any solid information about Android Pay, but the likelihood is that it will arrive soon.

Pichai did advise that Android Pay would initially be tied to NFC, but could move into Biometrics as a natural progression, think fingerprint scanners to authorise payments.

The emergence of Apple Pay, and the announcement of Samsung Pay at last nights Galaxy Unpacked event, paired with the fact that Google Wallet has not been widely accepted, nor spread since it launched in 2011, means that Google is keen to build an easy way for users to access mobile payments. The building of an API is obviously the best way to get into the potentially lucrative mobile payments eco-system.

The message for now is that Android Pay is coming, the question is where to and when. We’ll likely see more of Android Pay at this years Google I/O, where a lot of questions, such as will it be available outside the US, will be answered.

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    More bloatware???