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Rumours surrounding Chinese telecommunications and device manufacturer Huawei being tapped by Google to be the hardware partner in manufacturing a Nexus device are growing, with a market research analyst apparently confirming the rumour on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Kevin Yang, Director of China Research at iSuppli, a research analysis firm has apparently ‘confirmed’ the rumour which emerged a few days ago that Huawei was working with Google to produce a Nexus device.


This is far from a confirmation, there’s never anything official until it’s announced. But, this is the time of year where Google would be working with a partner to produce hardware. Huawei’s key hardware differentiator which may be the attraction for Google is the fingerprint scanner which featured on the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. Google as definitely interested in shipping Lollipop, and the Nexus 6 with a fingerprint scanner right up until just a few months before the launch of the Nexus 6.

Dennis Woodside, ex-Motorola CEO, confirmed earlier this year that the fingerprint scanner was removed due to the hardware available wasn’t ‘there yet’.

If Google and Huawei partner to produce a Nexus device, it could also open up inroads into China, a market where Google has had hits and misses in the past. If partnering with a major player in the Chinese market can help Google make inroads there, while also producing a quality Nexus, then it could possibly be a win-win situation.

We’ll know for sure in around October this year, but we’ll certainly see plenty of speculation and ‘leaks’ in the lead-up.

It’s Nexus rumour season again – lay them on the table: Is Huawei capable of making a great Nexus? Who would you like to see making a Nexus?

Source: Weibo.
Via: GizmoChina.
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I like this rumour – especially because it means a low-price, top-spec Nexus phone could up be on it’s way… hopefully around 5″.

Looks like I may be deciding between a new Nexus 5 (2015) and a Galaxy S6… exciting times.


I TOTALLY agree with you and hope you are right. I skipped the Nexus 6 because of the size and price, and really hope that the NEXT Nexus phone is a more sensible size, and is more in keeping with previous Nexus phone pricing.


But the question is what it could have that would make it better than the Nexus 5 (2013)?

QHD really isn’t needed, the 64bit processors seem both unneeded and overhot, screen size is settling down at 5″, a fingerprint sensor is ‘ho hum’, memory doesn’t light anyone’s fire.

There are only a few things that might interest – Tango 3D vision incorporated, a much bigger battery, and a microSD card slot (which would involve google finally listening to customers).


If true the next Nexus may be cheaper.


Which would be the only plus in my opinion.
I’ve never seen the need to have a fingerprint sensor. I’ve seen iOS users unlocking the phone with a finger on the fingerprint sensor. It takes a couple of seconds to register. In that time however, you could have just swiped across on an app that’s on your standby screen and put your key-code in and voila.
I can however see where Google are going with this, trying to push that new way to pay.


Every smartphone will have fingerprint sensors within three years. It’s going to be an industry standard feature. It’s not just about speed, it’s about security and integration with things like mobile payments. Fingerprint scanning is the one killer feature Apple has managed to get a big head start over Android. Google needs to haul serious ass in this space or they’re going to squeezed out of lucrative the mobile payments market that Apple (and Samsung) are targeting.


or Huawei is going to start charging $800 for their phones.


If Samsung had dreams of being Apple, Huawei definitely has dreams of being Samsung. Every year they talk big, but their products don’t quite live u to the bragging.

They want to break into the high price market. They just don’t get no respect, as Rodney Dangerfield once said.


Fingers crossed… And cheaper, hopefully!