Google Mixed Drinks
‘Ok Google, Make a Martini’, Ok, Google isn’t actually going to make you a martini (just yet), but if you type in a search query on how to make a martini, Google will now serve you up the instructions.

It’s working for a number of drinks – Manhattan, Dark’n’Stormy, Martini – but it’s admittedly fairly rudimentary at the moment and the layout could probably be better with some of the more intricate cocktails out there. The Search results work far better on desktop with more intricate instructions surrounding garnishes and preparation.

The search results are part of Googles move to expand their knowledge graph into new and interesting areas. Google has begun serving brief ‘How-Tos’ in their search results for a while now and this is just another one.

It’s a novel addition which could make your next party a little more interesting – perhaps get your guests to Chromecast search results for their favourite mixed drinks onto a TV behind your bar?

What’s your favourite mixed drink and does it appear in these new search results?

Source: Google.
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    No luck for my choice, the mocktail, Virgin Pina Colada.
    Plenty of links to recipes, but it isn’t, yet, in Google’s cocktails system.


    Only in imperial units as well, not metric

    Dave Belling

    This is an acceptable recipe (it can be contentious).

    Dave Belling

    Hmm. Screenshot vanished. It was a recipe for an Old Fashioned.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    That drink sounds nice.