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G3 - Colour Range
My favourite hardware of 2014 was the LG G3. The LG 2014 flagship was top line hardware and at the time there was not an element in it that could be beaten. According to LG Electronics mobile chief Cho Juno that will not be the case for the LG G4. The LG G4 will be beaten out of the flagship status by a new series to be launched in the second half of the year.

The LG Electronics mobile chief also went on to say that the polycarbonate body of the LG G3 will be replaced with a “metal-mixtured” body. He also stated that their customised LG Android skin will receive a full point upgrade to a 4.0 version. The iteration will apparently bring a major redesign and give an improved user experience. LG are so confident about this new release of it’s UX it will receive its own dedicated launch preceding the release of the G4.

After the G4 release there will be a launch later in the year of a phone that will become the new flagship for LG. This new phone will cost around a 10% premium on top of the G4 but little more is known about this device. Maybe LG are heading down a similar path to Samsung and releasing high-end phones every 6 months (Note and S series) but we will have to wait until the end of the year to find out for sure.

Are you excited to see what LG bring to the table with the G4 and what they release above this? Will you consider the G4 with a new UX user interface?

Source: Korea TimesKorea Herald.
Via: GSMArena.
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Whatever happened to the G Pro line?

Sebastian Bartlett

I think the G line was getting too close to it in size for them to consider launching it and wanted to focus on perfecting the G line.


I currently use an LG G2 and absolutely love this thing. I’m a power user, I tweak the crap out of the phone on a regular basis. I rooted the phone (although kept the stock ROM) and I used many different launchers on it, trying out different ideas. I tinker with just about every aspect all the time. I simply cannot fault this thing. It is so darn good. There are only a couple of reasons why I didn’t upgrade to G3, even though it is superior to G2 in a lot of aspects. Firstly the size was a deal… Read more »


Sounds promising. Just in time for my Telstra New Phone feeling!