+ Saturday November 16th, 2019


Google has given the go ahead for its Waze navigation app to be pre-installed on new Android devices.

Waze was snapped up by Google back in 2013 and has remained seperate from Google Maps ever since. However spokesperson Julie Mossler wrote in Google and Wazes press release at MWC that “If a leading telecom preinstalls Waze in his handsets, a large percentage of the population would immediately have access to blocked roads, dangerous intersections traffic and more in real time.”

Looking at this, it would certainly seem that Google is looking to get more users to use Waze going forward. That said this all still depends on whether specific carriers or OEM’s will install Wazs on their smartphones going forward.

Still you could just click the link below to download Waze from Google Play.

Source: Android Central.
Via: engdget.

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