Vooc Power Bank
One of our favourite features of Oppo’s high end range of smartphones is their VOOC chargers which give you a top-up to your battery in a relatively small amount of time. How small? Well, the product literature promises ‘Five minutes’ charging can support two hours’ talk. After 30 minutes, power can reach 75%’ – that’s fast. Now Oppo has brought their VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank to their Australian site, offering owners of VOOC compatible phones the option to get a fast top-up while they’re on the go.

The power bank is actually pretty well priced, although at $79 you can certainly buy portable batteries with larger capacities, but there aren’t many which will charger your phone this fast. The VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank comes with free delivery Australia wide, so there’s no extra charges hidden away.

If you’re in the market for a VOOC compatible power bank then head over to the OppoMobile website and check it out.

Source: OppoMobile.
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$80 for a 6000mAh unit isn’t crash hot. Xiaomi’s 16,000 mAh powerbank (that’s rated at 3.75v though, so about 10,000 mAh at 5v that a phone will draw) is less than $40 delivered.

This powerbank only makes sense if VOOC is crucial…and not that many phones support it anyway.


I’m guessing the shipping cost is hidden in the item price…