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In case you live in a vacuum and haven’t heard, there was a new smartwatch announced yesterday. It works with only one brand of phone, has a starting price of around $500 and if you have money to burn you can get one variety for close to $20,OOO. Seems ridiculous for an accessory to cost that much to many of us, a bit fruity if you will. Asus marketing agree and have been hard at work using this as a way to promote their own smartwatch, the ZenWatch.

We all love a good humourous troll, especially when our distant brethren from the other side of the tracks are the subject of it. Asus this evening released via their social media channels a clever flow diagram to aid customers in which smartwatch they should buy.

With the cost of the fruity watch being relatively high we should expect more companies to promote their own products in a similar way. Should be good for a chuckle so keep your eyes out and let us know if you see something that tickles your funny bone.

Editors Note: This would be a lot more amusing if Asus actually made the ZenWatch available in Australia. Apple fans will be able to purchase the Watch when it launches but so far Asus Australia refuse to even acknowledge our market here in Australia as a possibility for launch. We’ve reached out yet again to Asus to find out if they have any intention of launching the ZenWatch here, although at this stage the watch will be obsolete by the time they make that decision.

Source: Asus Twitter.
Thanks: Jamie.
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The new Google Store puts Zen Watches on its front page… the wonderful variety of Android Wear…. but when you click into the Wear page, it’s all LG.

It’s like there is some global dividing of the markets. LG and Samsung own Australia.

This is the 21st Century. We have the Internet and Credit Cards! We can order stuff and get it shipped from anywhere to anywhere else. Everything I order seems to come from Hong Kong. They seem to manage it. So why not the US of A?