USB-C Cable
Google unveiled their new Chromebook Pixel 2 this morning, and one of the headline features is the USB Type-C connector that’s included. As an industry standard, USB Type-C is coming in a big way and as Product Manager, Adam Rodriguez says in Google’s USB Type-C intro video, it’s coming to Android phones in the near future.

The new USB Type-C port is able to be used for charging devices, as well as transferring data both in, and out in the form of video out up to 4K resolutions. It’s also reversible, meaning you can plug a cable in any which way.

Google is well known for adopting standards quite quickly, even being a driving force in bringing them into their products, so this is no surprise. USB Type-C is an industry standard, so you’ll find it on products from all over the tech industry in the near future, so we await further developments.

To learn more about USB Type-C and the way Google has implemented it, check out their video:

Source: Google.
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    Just to clarify, and I apologise if this is a stupid question… Will all the old Type-B USB cables (the ones current devices like the Nexus 6 use) become absolutely useless? Or will they be backwards compatible and somehow fit into the Type-C charge slot? I have so many Type-B chargers and USB cables, will feel like a bit of a waste if I have to throw them all away and start again when (and if, subject to size and price) I get the next Nexus phone…

    Daniel Tyson

    Doesn’t seem to be unfortunately from what i’m reading.


    I get that Type-C will be superior to Type-B, and agree that Type-Bs are a bit “clunky” and need to be updated… I’m just a bit of a hoarder and don’t like throwing things away if I don’t have to!

    いのり 楪

    well it wouldnt really matter, if you still have type B devices you would be keeping those charger cables and stuff right? its just that now with your new type c devices you would have to use different cables.. just more changing and more hassle lol, i think they should make cables with both b and c connectors on one cable before tybe b extincts ahaha.


    What you’re asking is if Type-B will be forward-compatible and from what I’m reading I don’t think it is. Perhaps with an adapter? However, the pain of the transition (including rendering all Type-B equipment useless) will be well worth it as Type-C is a far superior technology both in physical and digital terms.

    Dean Reading

    Whenever I get a system with type C connectors, I plan on buying a heap of USB adapters to keep everywhere, so I never have that problem


    Excellent, Another reason to not bother with the Nexus 6. Before the 6 there is no way I would miss a Nexus phone but the N6 let me down in so many areas that I hope Google can recover from it.


    Agree 100%, if I could give you x1000 upvotes, I would!

    Yianni soc

    I would’ve hoped to see USB Type C on the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. That would have made it the ultimate flagship of 2015… Type-c, Wireless Charging and Edge to Edge. 3 cutting edge features in 1 phone.


    Seems surprising they didn’t or at the very least go for a USB 3.0 Micro port like the Galaxy Notes. At least those ports are backward compatible.

    Prety Klein

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    This is excellent news!!! About time!


    Interesting that Apple idevices have to use usb standard in Europe by 2017, keen to see type c on android soon.


    Guessing this is why they are starting to put type C on the macbook and dropping the magsafe. Then in a few years they can say they are making them all the same across macbook and phones, then claim its ‘magical’, rather than saying a gov forced them to get in line!!