Virtual Store Tour - Google Cardboard
Last night it emerged that Google has begun launching their own retail stores in the UK, the stores are located within Curry’s PC World locations, with the first one opening in London’s Tottenham Court Road, with future stores to open in Curry’s in Fulham, west London, and Thurrock, Essex. But if you can’t get to a Curry’s Google has released a new Cardboard app to let you take a virtual tour.

The app has a virtual tour guide take you through the store and show off some of the features. It looks awesome. Of course to experience the store you’ll need Google Cardboard, but that’s the only real barrier to entry. The app description reads:

Step inside the new Google shop launching at Currys PC World in London. This special virtual reality tour is a five-minute walkthrough by a Google Associate. The experience takes you through the interactive space and gives an informative, up-close view of the Google shop’s features and experiences.

If you want a tour of the store and have Google Cardboard available, head on over to Google Play and grab the app and give it a go.

Google Shop at Currys VR Tour
Google Shop at Currys VR Tour
Developer: Mirada LLC
Price: Free

Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Police.