Asus Nexus Player

B&H Photo Video in America have a large catalog of Android devices and now have the Nexus Player and Gamepad for Nexus Player in stock. The best part of this is, they ship to Australia! If you have searched eBay or other retailers, you are likely to pay upwards of AU$210.

At the B&H landing page we get a new notification at the top of the page with information as to the new Australian Shipping Announcement:Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 18.48.36

I’ve bought from B&H in the past and I have to say, their turnaround time is impeccable. This new shipping announcement may just make that even better.

The Nexus Player is going for US$99.00 and the Gamepad for US$39.00. Shipping for just the Nexus Player is US$55.6o and for the bundle, the shipping comes to US$56.20.

Nexus Player + Shipping = US$154.60 (AU$201.95 current exchange rate)
Nexus Player + Gamepad + Shipping = US$194.20 (AU$253.68 current exchange rate)

Are you going to give the Nexus Player a go? Do you think the Nexus Player is the way our TV’s are going? Or are you more interested in what’s going on at Razer?

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Tim Toma

I am very interested in purchasing a Nexus Player but am concerned of the setup in Oz. If somebody could confirm the adapter setup (US and Oz powerpoint differences) and the Wi-Fi/Google Play store setup works in Oz I’d snap it up straight away! I’ll mainly be using it for NBA GameTime and will dabble in other apps here and there. Thank you.


I bought one from B&H when this article was posted and received it last week. I am not sure what was going on with it but I found it pretty unusable until I manually flashed it to 5.1. It wouldn’t finish updating the installed apps which locked me out from installing any new ones. I carefully twisted the prongs on the US plugpack to fit Australian power points. Wouldn’t necessarily suggest it to people, but is working for me. Annoyingly it is a barrel connector so you can’t just run it off any old phone charger you have lying around.… Read more »


$147.21 AUD is what Amazon is showing for me (standard postage)


rather buy an apple tv or chromecast for less than $99 -_-


At that price point would rather pay extra for a NUC

Chris Hastings

DWI have it listed for A$189.00 (just the Nexus Player) and it has free shipping. Just found it through Shopbot. Hasn’t it launched locally yet direct from Google?

Michael Petkov

Bought the Nexus player from EBay Australian seller, cost $200. Going to see the gamepad though. Thanks for the link!


imported a Nexus Player a month ago for less than that


Where from? 🙂


ebay, probably aren’t there them anymore or at least at that same price