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For just shy of five years now Ausdroid has been a trusted and relied-upon source for Android news in Australia, and while we’ve experimented with branching into new areas over that time, some of those ventures haven’t lasted too well (sorry AusChrome!). However, this is something we’re particularly proud of — launching a new, sustainable, and gorgeous storefront simply called the Ausdroid Shop.

Those of you who’ve been around a while may remember we experimented with an early version of this in Q3 last year, but the decision was made to put it on hold for a while because it wasn’t able to stand up to the overwhelming public demand. We needed a number of things — better design, smoother experience, better customer support, and a better integration with our partners at Gadgets 4 Geeks.

Over the last six months, they’ve put in the hard yards while we’ve been taken up by other focuses, and over the last six weeks or so, we’ve put the finishing touches on the shop, and today it’s ready to launch!

Our Range

The Ausdroid Shop is a specialised storefront where you can buy accessories for all the popular (and even some obscure) handsets, tablets and gizmos available in Australia. Listed below are just some of the handsets and tablets that you can purchase accessories for — as you can see, the list is extensive!

The range of accessories varies by model, but typical options available for purchase include key requirements: screen protectors, cables, a variety of cases (in some cases third party and official), charging docks and cradles, car charges, car cradles, leather wallets, SD cards, Opal/Myki card holders, and more.

Australian owned, located and operated

In short, the Ausdroid Shop is fully stocked, and reasonably priced. There’s another bonus as well — by shopping at the Ausdroid Shop, you support Australian business. All of our stock is dispatched from a warehouse in Sydney’s inner west, co-managed by Gadgets 4 Geeks. In many cases, if you buy before the afternoon cut-off, you can receive your goods the next day, which is something overseas shippers struggle to match.

Standard shipping is low cost, and Express shipping is available for those moments when you simply must have something now.

If for some reason you have difficulties with your order, or you want some product support, you can speak to Australian support staff who work in the same location as the stock — have a DOA item? A replacement could be on its way the same day, and in your hands the next. Feel like dropping in and saying hi? You can do that, too — we’re conveniently located in Gladesville, NSW, just 10 minutes from the city.

Launch Event

At some point soon, yet to be finalised, we’ll be holding a bit of a celebration of the new Ausdroid Shop with a BBQ and some beers. Come and meet me, Daniel, Jason (and whoever else feels like showing up!) as well as the guys from Gadgets 4 Geeks who help run our store. Grab a bargain on some new toys while you’re there if you like, or just kick back and shoot the breeze.

We’ll have more details on this launch soon, but in the meantime, please check out the store and let us know what you think! We’re not beyond perfection, and we welcome any feedback on how we can improve the service for you.

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Sujay Vilash

BTW, love the logo …


You mean the Ausdroid logo? I’ve never understood it!

Sujay Vilash

Nah. The Ausdroid shop logo. Never understood the Ausdroid logo either apart from the Australian flag.

Sujay Vilash

G4G is my favourite place to shop for accessories. With this new store front, I can purchase from Ausdroid knowing I am supporting both organisations. Brilliant. Looking forward to my first Ausdroid purchase soon .. unfortunately it will be an iPhone 6 accessory (work provided).

Dennis Bareis

You can’t shop by phone? I don’t want to see iphone stuff when looking for Nexus 6…

OK, I just noticed its under Google…. Should also be under Motorola…


Love the new store front, are you guys getting the walnut brown Aerious charger and receiver pad?