MixRadio, a popular music streaming service that many know in its previous incarnations as Nokia Music and Nokia MixRadio, has finally come to Android. One of its hallmark features is its ability to download mixes for playback offline, which is quite handy to have. At the current time, it is in private beta unfit for public consumption, but we have some screenshots and a guided video tour below to show you its features.

MixRadio works by giving you the choice to curate and store your own personal mixes, based on your artist, genre or mood preferences. Users also have the option to give upticks or downticks to the songs that come through the mixes, thus the app smartly curates the mix to the user’s tastes. The app is well organised in its Android form, and works fluidly and responsively when tested on Android Lollipop hardware. Remember, this app is in its early days still and shows great promise.

We are excited to see MixRadio enter its final form and let us know in the comments below if you are too, and if you have any questions!