HTC One M9
HTC will be launching their latest flagship, the HTC One M9 in Australia this week at a launch event in Sydney. We’ll know more about when we’ll see the phone go on-sale here in Australia and where you can get the phone and the awesome accessories. To start the build-up to launch, HTC has released a series of videos showing off the HTC One M9 and answer a few questions if you had any.

There’s five videos, starting with a full ‘First Look’ commercial which shows off a lot of the features from the M9, from the hardware perspective including the new dual-tone/dual-finish design, the cameras including the UltraPixel front-facing camera and 20MP rear facing camera with sapphire lens, BoomSound speakers with Dolby and a lot of the software features including the Theming capabilities, Sense Home widget, the improved Blinkfeed with Mealtime suggestions, Camera effects and HTC Connect.

The rest of the videos go into features from the First Look, so check them out and see what you think:

HTC One M9 First Look

HTC Imaging

HTC Connect

HTC BoomSound with Surround sound

HTC Sense Home

Finally, and this isn’t actually new, my favourite part of the HTC One M9 release is this really great commercial for the HTC One M9 with a voice over from Robert Downey Jr. It’s not those weird commercials from last year which mostly confused people, it’s just a really well put together commercial with a cohesive message.

Source: HTC.
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When is the HTC event in Sydney? Says this week, but which day?

IIRC last year, the day HTC had the event in Australia was the day the phone was available for purchase?

Daniel Tyson

Tuesday. Probably won’t be available till the end of the month. Last years launch was March 28 with the phone available April 1st, don’t worry we will definitely let you know as soon as we hear anything at the launch.


Thanks. Here’s hoping the outright pricing isn’t too high.

Daniel Tyson

HTC said pricing would be comparable to the M8 release, it launched at $899 so I’d be looking around that price.


I don’t know about the silver with the gold around it. It might look better in person though. I think I’d be sticking with the grey.


Yeah, that ad is good. If HTC spent a bit of money getting it onto free to air here, it would spark people’s interest.

Daniel Tyson

The Silver/Gold is actually pretty nice in person. There’s some better shots in the hands-on post I did.


Looks OK. Do you still have an M9? Would love to see an article about Sense 7, with screenshots of settings menu, messaging app, phone dialer tabs, recent apps, etc.

Daniel Tyson

Had it for two days, will grab the screenshots for you on Tuesday. Suffice to say they didn’t look sufficiently different enough from Sense 6 to warrant me taking screenshots at the time.


Yeah, it seems like Sense 7 is a minor update. Don’t worry about it then. Does it still have swip up to activate and bypass the lock screen? After using it on the M8, having to double-tap and swipe up on my Z2 seems like so much effort.