Surprising only to people who haven’t seen how quickly this guy work before; Chainfire has already gotten his hands on and manage to root the Samsung Galaxy S6. In an announcement on Google+ Chainfire announced that the SM-G920T (T Mobile) and SM-G925T (S6 Edge) phones have been added to the Chainfire CF-Autoroot repository.

Note: You will need an unlocked bootloader, so that will automatically rule out most carrier branded devices, and most unbranded devices. But, it’s an option once your bootloader is unlocked.

The S6 CFAR has been tested on a real device, and root was achieved. Further information? I have none, I wasn’t there in person.

An interesting note from Chainfire followed on though:

Before actually rooting though, consider that KNOX will likely be tripped, and there’s a good chance untripped KNOX will be required for phone based payments.

As always, while the team at Ausdroid regularly go down this road of rooting and changing ROMs on our devices; we understand the risk vs reward of doing so. Please make sure you have sufficient time to complete the process and you do so with lots of research under your belt.

Do user still need root on their phone, or are people doing it because they can?

Source: Chainfire G+.
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    Dave Belling

    Yeah AdBlock is another argument for rooting. And Tasker.


    Root is still good for AdAway, Greenify etc


    Some boys just don’t feel like real men until their devices are rooted.


    Rooting a device is still useful today. One time root – It’s needed for restoring a backup from an older device, where the backup and restore app is root mandatory, Titanium Backup. Permanent root – It’s needed for making app installer backups as you install or update apps. Root Uninstaller Pro. – It’s needed for accessing system functions from a widget. The common one I use is the device reboot in Widgetoids. – It’s needed on devices where the manufacturer skimps on on board storage, so the user has to rely on Link2SD to install apps to, and run the… Read more »

    Dave Belling

    I rooted my Note 4 about three hours after I got it. Purely for Titanium Backup functionality as well as backing up selected parts of apps using DropSync. What is weird is that the CommBank app works for NFC payments. I was not expecting that. So maybe don’t rule out phone-based payments just yet.


    I rooted my S5. First phone I rooted since the HTC Desire.
    I must say that it doesn’t seem as fun as it used to be.
    Now I find myself getting a new rom, then setting it up, then have it fail or miss vital features that I use.
    I am currently using a lollipop touchwiz rom, and putting up with the minor bugs until I get the S6 (which I won’t be rooting)


    I plan to buy an S6 outright and I won’t be rooting it.

    Yianni soc

    I have a Note 4 and haven’t thought about rooting it or custom ROM.
    There are too many good features that other ROMs don’t have that the stock on the Samsung’s do (never thought i’d say that tbh!)


    I don’t root new phones anymore, just old ones that are slow and need a leaner system image to breathe easier.