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Adobe Document Cloud
We all know and – with the exception of Flash – mostly love Adobe Products, and today they’ve announced that they’re making a run on cloud document curation and development with ‘Document Cloud’.

Adobe has been monitoring the market and has seen the adoption of mobile technology, and with Document Cloud they want to make creating and using documents easier, especially on mobile. With Document Cloud, the interface is touch enabled, indeed enhanced, and the new tools will allow you to edit, sign, send, and track documents wherever you are – even on the move.

Possibly the biggest new feature is the ability to e-sign a document, no longer will you have to go through the rigmorale of printing, signing, scanning and then emailing a document back, with Document Cloud, you simply sign it and go.

Another notable feature will be the ability to take a picture of any document and have it converted using the power of Adobe Photoshop so you can then edit, or auto-populate information from your personal profile and more.

Adobe is also making it easier to get your documents into, and then integrate with tools you currently use such as Microsoft Office 365, as well as they say ‘leading CRM systems and storage providers’.

Hello, Adobe Document Cloud

As always the pricing will be key to the adoption of the service. Adobe has bundled Document Cloud with Acrobat Pro on their $14.99 per month subscription plan with a yearly commitment, or on a $24.99 month-to-month arrangement, this also includes upgrades for the life of the subscription.

It’s a big step for Adobe, and will be worth it for a number of people and businesses just to be able to sign documents on the go, saving paper, time and money.

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    Can’t stand Acrobat. I’ve been using PDF X-Change Editor for years at home and work and never looked back.

    vijay alapati

    i was using docusign for years, does my jobs of signing jobs and its a free app 🙂 but now this looks interesting 3:)