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Fanatical players of Niantic Labs location based game Ingress will be hit with a hard choice later this year, when the company unleashes their second Augmented Reality (AR) game on the world. Niantic Labs has announced that the game called Endgame will launch in a closed beta later this year.

The game is described as a prequel to the book: Endgame: The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton which has the blurb :

The twelve ancient Lines competing in Endgame are hidden to the rest of world. The civilizations they come from are extinct, and their history is forgotten. No one knows how important they are to the fate of the world. No one except Stella.
A young woman from a mysterious background, Stella knows things she shouldn’t. She may not know about the existence of Endgame, but she knows more about the true history of the Lines than any outsider should. And she’s determined to share those secrets with you. What you do with those secrets are crucial to how the story unfolds: because what you do in the Ancient Truth ARG will affect events in future Endgame novels and movies.
But just how does Stella know what she knows? And what is her true agenda for teaching the world about the Lines?

The game has a website called endgameistruth.com, with an FAQ and a trailer, but there’s also a secondary website called ancientsocieties.com with a little more information on Stella
Endgame Teaser:

We’ll know more about the game launch when it’s ready, but for now, if you’re into AR games, then it’s time to start scouring the websites and reading up on the backstory.

Source: AncientSocietiesEndgameIsTruth.
Via: Android Central.
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    Darren Ferguson

    I’m a fan of the ingress gameplay and community, not the crazy story. I’ve seen this being spruiked pretty often on G+ and thought it had already started.