HTC One M9

At last night’s Australian launch of the HTC One M9, it was revealed that the phone will hit Australian shelves on March 24. That’s less than a week away, so it’s pre-order time!

With the high-end phone hitting a similarly high-end RRP of $1099, the One M9 might be a good candidate for re-contracting with your carrier. There are also some online orders and retail outlets ready to supply the phone if you buy outright, and some of them are below the RRP.

Australian carriers have gone live with pre-orders for the phone this morning (with one notable exception), find all the details below!


Telstra has a three-month exclusivity on the Gunmetal Grey version of the M9 and is offering it alongside Gold on Silver.
Plan: Telstra recommends a $70/month Mobile Accelerate Plan for 2 years with handset repayments of $12/month, bringing your total monthly spend to $82.
Pre-order bonus: Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones, RRP $229 value.

Vodafone is offering the One M9 in its Gold on Silver colour, with their One M9 page now online.
Plan: The phone is available on Vodafone’s 2 year Red plans, with a monthly cost of $60 $70 or $80 and handset repayments on top of that price coming in at $17, $10 and $8 respectively.
Pre-order bonus: None.

Virgin Mobile‘s One M9 page shows that they’ll also be offering the phone in Gold on Silver.
Plan: There’s a number of plans available, but Virgin is drawing attention to the $60/month plan with $13/month handset repayments over 2 years.
Pre-order bonus: None.

Optus also has the Gold on Silver version available, with pre-orders now live on their One M9 page.
Plan: No specific plans to promote, but there’s bonus data offered on the $60, $80 and $100 per month 2 year plans.
Pre-order bonus: None.

Retailers and Online

Yatango is offering the phone at $899.99 for members, a significant discount over the Australian RRP. Membership is free, so if you’re looking to buy a One M9 outright you might find Yatango the best bet at the moment. Their expected release date (March 31) is a week later than the date HTC’s announced date, but a $200 saving is probably worth a week’s wait. Head on over to Yatango’s One M9 page to find out more. They also have the Gunmetal Grey version listed, which might conflict with Telstra’s three-month exclusivity.

BecExTech has a Gunmetal Grey phone pictured on their One M9 page, which might conflict with Telstra’s three-month exclusivity. They’re offering the phone for $839 with $29.95 Priority Shipping.

If you spot the One M9 on sale at retailers or have any recommendations, please let us know in the comments or send us a tip!

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Anyone know how much the price of the M8 will drop? About ~$100AUD?


12 months on Vodafone, looks a great deal.


I’d buy the gun metal grey outright for $936. Although Its probably gonna have some sort of crappy Teltra stuff on it


Telstra are selling it outright for $936. Seems stupid to grey import at those prices

Can’t believe yatango jacked up the price $50


Is it fully unlocked with no carrier branding if bought from Telstra?


im pretty sure all their outright phones have been unlocked. ive bought a few xperias off telstra in the past due to them having a good price

and yes it will have telstras bloatware on it.


It will still be locked to the Telstra device update channels though.