Humble Bundle 12
The Humble Bundle has returned, but it’s not a Mobile only bundle this time, it’s the Humble PC & Android Bundle, which contains a number of releases with both PC and Android versions available. There’s 7 titles to start off with, if you want to pay the highest amount and you get the Android and PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) versions, and Pay $1 or more for access to these games on Steam.

The Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 has four titles available for whatever price you want to pay: VVVVVV, The Inner World, Titan Attacks!, and Tetrobot and Co. But if you pay more than the average price, which stands at US$4.65 at this stage, you also receive Ironclad Tactics Deluxe Edition and Costume Quest. If you really want everything, including all future titles added to the bundle, then pay $10 (or more) and receive Shadowrun Returns as well as all the other titles.

The Humble Bundle can be paid for with PayPal, Credit Card, Amazon or even BitCoin. The money goes towards the game developers, as well as the Humble Bundle folks as well as two charities: Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Red Cross – with you deciding who gets how much.

The Humble PC & Android Bundle is live now on the Humble Bundle website, so head across and grab it while it’s hot.

Source: Humble Bundle.