RDJ HTC One Videos
Remember those slightly strange ‘Here’s To Change’ commercials that Robert Downey Jr starred in when he first signed up with HTC? They weren’t to everyones taste, but the recent HTC One M9 commercial put all that in the past, but HTC has released 10 short films which are either marketing genius, or bat…. insane.

HTC US is marketing the videos through a website htc.com/us/RDJOne/, which features links to the videos which are named after colours, with each video featuring that colour as a tone for it. The website gives a bit of information about the project :

The M9 Project is a series of shorts representing the creative collaboration between Robert Downey Jr., Russell Scott of Jetset Studios, and HTC. Using color as a unifying metaphor, the shorts channel many artistic influences into a narrative that finds Downey and his scene–‐partner, Brian Schaeffer navigating a genre–‐bending series of adventures.

These playful vignettes juxtapose the sleek, color–‐changing attributes of the new HTC One with timeless pop–‐culture inspirations, from The Prisoner to Andy Warhol to Charlie Chaplin. Viewed individually or as a whole, the M9 Project speaks to the HTC philosophy: One Life. Make it Count.

HTC invited Robert Downey, Jr. to take part in a series of shorts to celebrate the release of the new M9.

For your convenience, you can find the videos listed below:
HTC x RDJ – White – #1

HTC x RDJ – Yellow – #2

HTC x RDJ – Orange – #3

HTC x RDJ – Red – #4

HTC x RDJ – Green – #5

HTC x RDJ – Blue – #6

HTC x RDJ – Purple – #7

HTC x RDJ – Grey – #8

HTC x RDJ – Black – #9

HTC x RDJ – White – #10

And to cleanse the palate, here is the HTC One M9 commercial with Robert Downey Jr. which will see airtime:

Source: HTC.
Via: Android Police.