Bose QC25
After announcing the Apple compatible versions in September, Bose has today announced that their noise-cancelling Quiet Comfort – QC25 headphones are now available for Android users.

The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones are at the high-end, premium end of the scale, offering improved noise reduction from the previous models, as well as a nice design. The QuietComfort headphones have been reengineered to sit closer to the head, but are apparently comfortable to wear, with ‘protein leather’ ear cups.

The Bose QuietComfort 25 acoustic noise cancelling headphones offer some excellent noise cancelling technology, drawing on Bose 30 years of research in the area. Noise cancelling in the QC25 headphones use a combination of internal and external microphones to more accurately sense and measure unwanted noise – all of which Bose says allows them to deliver ‘a new level of quiet for around-ear headphones. Distractions instantly fade away, even in the most demanding environments’.

It’s not just the noise cancelling aspect of the headphones that bump them into the premium range, with Bose including ‘audio advancement’ which they say allows them to reproduce sound with ‘improved clarity and accuracy’.

The headphones are described as compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones/tablets and Android devices, which may have something to do with the inline mic and remote control which the headphones use to take calls and control your music.

Bose QC25 - Case

The headphones come with a carrying case to protect your high-end headphones, and they are a corded option, not Bluetooth – which some will argue allows for greater clarity of sound. The QuietComfort 25 headphones are powered by a single AAA battery which gives up to 35 hours of use – but that’s only aiding the noise cancelling, with a cord, it also allows you to continue listening when the power runs out.

The Bose QC25 headphones come in Black or White and are available now for $399 from Bose Retail stores, through the Bose website or sales line (1800 173 371) and from authorised Bose resellers from June.

Source: Bose.
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    FYI if you are in Brisbane Queensland you can pickup QC25 from Sony at DFO Brisbane for $373 and if you get TRS if you travel its $339 which I got 🙂


    Overpriced is absolutely right but that is mostly just in Australia, buy them in the US and you might pay about half.

    I used to travel a lot for work and tried a few different noise cancelling headsets on long flights to the US. When I spotted some Bose headsets at a retailer in the US for just over half what I would’ve paid in Australia, I grabbed them. They do a great job but probably not worth buying at the rip off prices in Australia.


    nope price is about the same as the Australian version because of the rubbish exchange rate in Australia you not saving much at all in the U.S.


    It takes a total moron to believe that headphones are operating system specific. Obviously they are out there.


    Dont you look the moron. Remote functions (vol +- and play pause )are different depending on the phone. A head/earphone designed for an crapple product will not work properly with an android.


    That’s on headsets. You don’t need that functionality on noise suppressing head phones.


    Everyone should be wary of any product that claims to ‘enhance’ your audio – there’s rarely any good reason to mess with the original source material. Bose are notoriously overpriced too, though there are fewer competitors in the noise cancelling space than general headphones. But, outside some very limited environments, noise cancelling is rarely necessary when you can get well-fitted IEMs or closed cirum-aural cans.


    you can now buy the Android version of the cable for the headphones. Listed on their website for $29


    Have you got a link? Can’t seem to find it.