OnePlus Game Changer
OnePlus the company who made a moderately sized splash in the mobile landscape last year with their One handset are looking to do the same with the game industry. OnePlus has released a series of visual teasers for their next hardware launch, which is scheduled to arrive in April – but what is it?

There’s three teasers in total, the above header and these two images :

What they mean is anyone’s guess, but obviously one refers to a hand holding a gaming controller of some sort, while the other could be anything from a dodgy game of Etch-a-Sketch through to some sort of motion detecting Kinect style function.

The prospect of OnePlus entering another market is admittedly exciting, they’ve certainly disrupted the mobile phone space – but they’ve far from conquered it. You still need an invite to purchase their nearly year-old flagship phone on six out of seven days of the week (remember you can just buy one on Tuesdays). So, the question is would OnePlus be better off concentrating on their bread and butter market instead of chasing an already fairly well established market in gaming? Who knows.

Whatever OnePlus launch, you’ll still have to jump through the same hoops as you always have to get it, with OnePlus still not selling hardware directly to the Australian market. But, judging by the response to the OnePlus One – there will be avid fans willing to import whatever it is they announce.

Source: OnePlus Forums.
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Looks like an etch a sketch. lol

But of course… with a [email protected] invite system haha


heres hoping that the “game” focus isn’t about their new invite system.


Great…. just what we need, another android based games console!