Google is talking to manufacturers about the next Nexus phone, like many things in this industry, that’s just fact. With a general October/November timeframe for announcement/release, the new Nexus phone is always hotly anticipated and a report out of Korea is pegging LG as the manufacturer they’re talking to.

The report is based on a 16 day visit by Google Engineers to the LG Electronics headquarters in Korea, which also included a factory tour. LG has seemingly brushed off the speculation saying ‘Google Phone Reference matter production and engineering teams are unable to go check. LG has visited workplaces and factories often include customers and partners. – which roughly translated could be taken for: LG has visitors all the time, this is nothing much.

But if there is anything to this, the etoday report goes on to talk about LG and Google working on Project ‘N000’, which is apparently a ‘Nexus 7’. Whether this is a phone or tablet isn’t clear, Google already has a Nexus 7, two in fact and they’re tablets, so whether Google would want to muddy the naming convention for Nexus devices further with a Nexus 7 phone isn’t terribly logical.

We’ve already heard rumours of a Huawei Nexus – a Nexus 7 in fact – but why not throw LG back into the mix? The Nexus 4/Nexus 5 were quite highly regarded by Nexus fans in terms of design (if not battery life).

This is very much just speculation and quite a stretch at the moment. But it does raise the question: Will Motorola make the next Nexus phone or will another manufacturer get a shot? Who should be making a Nexus phone?

Source: etoday.
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I went from a galaxy note 2 (5.5″) to a nexus 5 and while it took a little while to adjust to the smaller screen size, I like it much better


I’m not going to argue or speculate with you any more about how Google and the manufacturers named the old Nexus devices, because that’s irrelevant. Either of us could be wrong, and we could argue all day about it. I honestly don’t think even Google and the manufacturers knew what they were doing when they named each device. What IS relevant is how they proceed with the naming conventions from now on. You say: “Naming it the Nexus Tablet (2015) would cause issues seeing as they now have both a 7″ and 9″ tablet” The Nexus 7, versions 1 and… Read more »


Um, you’re wrong. Nexus naming after the Galaxy Nexus was based on screen size. Try googling it…


Um, fine, whatever you say, chief…


This guys a muppet.


Its not speculation, that is legitimately how the naming works, haha. Note how there have been two Nexus 7’s both with 7″ screens, both named Nexus 7. I wasn’t arguing with you about the naming convention, I was telling you what the naming convention was.


Righto mate, whatever you say…

Bootloops Anonymous

Nexus G?

Brad Hook

Another Nexus article, another batch of comments shaming 6 inch screens.

5.7 – 6 inch screens are perfect, and if your opinion is otherwise – you obviously haven’t used one for more than a few hours. I could never go back to something below 5.7 now. It is simply perfect (and yes, I can still use them one handed when I need to).

Coming from a guy that has owned a iPhone 6 Plus, a Nexus 6 and now a Galaxy Note 4 in the past 6 months.


So you are the expert on everything are you ?
You don’t even think other people like different things, everything must be your way. When you grow up come back to us then. The 5 inch or close screen is fine for me, some like smaller some like bigger but for me the 5.7 to 6 inch screen is too big and obviously compensation for lacking in other areas.



What’s perfect for you isn’t necessarily perfect fit everybody else. I had the Galaxy Note 3 for about half a year, and while is was a great phone, the size wasn’t too my looking which is why I went to a 5″ phone after that and much prefer the size.

Different people like different things. There is no perfect, only what you personally prefer. You seriously sound like a child.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

No one cares how many phones you’ve wasted your money on in the past six months.


The large Nexus 6 screen size was a secondary concern for me… My primary concern was the price. Had the price been more in line with previous Nexus phones, I would have given the Nexus 6 (and its larger screen size) a go. But I still suspect I wouldn’t have liked it. For me, phones with 6″ screen sizes are just too big, both for my hand(s) and for my pocket. I could work that out just by picking up a 6″ phone in store and playing around with it for 10 mins. For me, a 5″ screen size is… Read more »

Edward Presto

For sure this going to be another hot gadget. I wonder which features of it can surpass Samsung android phone or perhaps the Apple iPhone.


Nexus 4 was named for being the 4th Nexus phone…

it’s Nexus 7 2012 then Google starts naming Nexus base on screen size

coming from Nexus 4, if Nexus 6 was not 6″ i wouldn’t have bought it instead of Xperia Z3 Compact


But the Nexus 4 came out in October 2012, months after the Nexus 7 (which was back in June), so by your comment, they named the Nexus 4 phone in reference to the screen size. I don’t see them naming the phone the Nexus 7. Might be Nexus 5 (2015) or Nexus 6 (2015) or a completely new naming convention. Having the names tied to the screen sizes IMO is a bad move because it limits your naming convention and will eventually confuse the products. Naming the phone and tabs the same as well not a great idea either. Needs… Read more »


“Having the names tied to the screen sizes IMO is a bad move”

Totally agree…


Nice. Yet another Nexus phone Google will reveal, not give any release date, randomly release on the Play Store unannounced, run out of stock within an hour, not mention when stock will be replenished, release another batch unannounced completely randomly and deliberately avoid any communication to their customers who are wanting more information about the availability of the product!

Can’t wait!


Nailed it.


I LOVE my LG Nexus 5. If LG got called upon to deliver more Nexus goodness I’d be more than happy. I still believe the N5 is the best all round Nexus device ever produced.


If I wasn’t content with my Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 would be my current phone!


I believe this to be a very true statement.


In regards to the Nexus phones, any company who can restore the next Nexus back to a comfortable 5″ screen size (or thereabouts), and who can put the price back to under $500 (for all capacity/size models), has my vote.

In regards to the Nexus tablets, while I love my Nexus 7 2013, I really think a 9″ or 10″ screen size is the sweet spot. I just wish I had bought a Nexus 10 when they were out!


They aren’t ascending numbers though? The numbers are referring to the screen size. Nexus 4 = 4″ screen, nexus 5 = 5″ screen, nexus 6 = 6″ screen etc. Thats why this years model is tipped to be the Nexus 5 (2015).


How big was the screen on the Nexus One? Not 1″, I assure you… And the Nexus 4 did not have a screen size of exactly 4″. Furthermore, the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus had 4 inch screens, so on the basis of what you are saying, these phones should have also been given the name “Nexus 4″… I think the people in charge of the name conventions got a bit sloppy (The Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus SHOULD have followed a more strict naming structure). Regardless of how they did it (ascending numbers, or named based on screen size),… Read more »


The Nexus One, Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus were before the series was re branded to reflect the device screen sizes.



Obviously the Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus were before the series was re-branded to match screen sizes.

If the Nexus One were in the same series as the Nexus 4, 5, 7, 9 then it would have been the Nexus 1 not the Nexus One. Note the numbers are numbers, not spelt out as letters.

Also naming it the Nexus Tablet (2015) would cause issues seeing as they now have both a 7″ and 9″ tablet.


by the way nexus 5 is 4.97inch


Omg, you are right. Maybe we should start a group action law suit against LG & Google for false advertising. We were ripped off 0.03 of an inch!